We have put together some fab free print outs to help get you and your family through these uncertain times.

You will also find some great collaborations with other brands too, all the things we love to do with our own families.

We will see you all on the dance floor soon!


New Year’s Eve 2021

Miss your face Valentine

Mango Shakes

We have teamed up with The Alchemist to bring you the perfect mocktail for your lock-in party – their very own Mango Shake – Yum!

Punkbox Tribe Microphones

Check out our latest collaboration and pimp your loo rolls into microphones with this download from Punkbox Tribe – an essential for your lock-down party!

Make a Kitty Purse with HDY leather

Our friend Jess at HDY leather has put together this simple DIY no sew cardboard kitty purse, purfect!

Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe

You can’t have a family lock-in without cake! Delicious and super easy vanilla cupcake recipe from Made on the Sofa.


To play our party game you will need a dice, counters (coins or something similar), a limbo stick (broom or washing line pole work well), a smart speaker for song requests or use our Spotify playlist.